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Odong to help OFWs


Odong to help OFWs

Amid the imminent
eruption of war between the United States of America and Iraq in the Middle
East, Congressman Odong Saludo called on all Southern Leyteños to pray for
peace and to have their relatives working as overseas Filipino workers (OFW)
in the region enlisted at his Congressional District Office. 

This developed as the
government strengthened its efforts in keeping track of Filipinos who might
need the government’s assistance due to the looming war in the Middle

In a press statement
released by his office, Saludo encouraged all Southern Leyteños to cooperate
and help the government protect the country’s “modern-day heroes” by
submitting the names of their relatives who are working in the Middle East
to his office in Maasin City. 

According to Saludo, the
information would be very crucial in guaranteeing the safety of the OFWs in
the region by giving the government an accurate account of Filipinos there. 
The information would also help the government determine strategies by which
Filipinos could be easily given refuge in case the impending war becomes

“We have no control over
the situation in Iraq.  Even if we are definitely against the war, it is not
very easy to convince Iraq and US to put down their arms and settle their
differences in a diplomatic manner.    We may not help our brothers and
sisters who are already affected by the looming conflict in a grandstanding
manner.  But in our own little way, we can.  We could pray for peace.  And
most importantly, we could have them enlisted in my office”, Saludo added.

Relatives of the OFWs are
encouraged to call (053) 570-8428 or (02) 931-6624 or email

agshouse@mozcom.com to enlist their relatives.

(Released on February
14, 2003)

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